We repair all makes and models of Computers.

Computers may have a multitude of issues from cooler fan failure, Sotware issues to more serious component issues like hard drive, central processing unit, power supply and many more.

Software issues and viruses are a serious threat to your computer, and this is an area which we are experts in and something we work with almost every day. So, no matter what the problem may be, you can rely on us to repair your PC, Mac, or other computers to an extremely high standard, and to ensure your safe to suf the web again. 

Not only can we repair desktops or Macs, but we also perform upgrades to get your computer running faster and better than it ever did before! Our most common upgrade is an SSD (Solid State Drive) installation, which replaces your old style spinning hard disk with one that is 10x faster and more reliable. SSD's are a digital format of a hard drive similar to flash memory like a USB stick. Not only are SSD's quicker, but they are more robust than the standard hard drives. This can also include the transfer of your important data, pictures, and documents. Sometimes looking identical to when you bought it to us, but running so much better, and efficiently. Also running as quiet as a mouse, reading and writing a lot qiucker then it was previosuly. Once you have used an SSD powered hard drive computer, you will NEVER want to go back to the dark side!


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