We repair almost every laptop on the market, including MacBooks and gaming laptops 

Laptops are very susceptilble and vulnerable to physical shocks, which can result in a broken screen or other fatal hardware failure.

Laptops can also be exposed to software issues, overheating problems or the odd spot of liquid which can cause your laptop to operate slowly or fail and prevent you from using it to its full potential. We can quickly and effciently diagnose and resolve any of these issues.

In most cases we can repair your device the same day you bring it in, so you are only without it for to long. Please remember in some cases this may delayed and take a little longer depending on the issue you may have. However we work closely will all our suppliers and can usually get parts required in around 24 hours. So, whether it has been dropped, has had liquid damage, overheating or has a software issue, your device is in safe hands.  

We also sell many known brands of laptops. We must admit our favorite is Lenovo. Being Lenovo Partners gives us a huge selection of laptops. Whether its basic use, office use or business use we have one to suit everyone. 

Opening Times

Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm

Saturday 10am - 2pm

Closed on Bank Holidays