Get your tablet back up and running.

Tablets and iPads computers are a modern phenomenon.  Just as your smartphone addiction is under control, then you add a tablet in to the mix to make this even worse!

So, when your tablet stops working, you want it back sooner rather than later. That is why we try to offer our same day turnaround for these, just like we do for mobile phones. In the unusual case we can’t complete you repair the same day because the repair is more complex, or we need to order a specific part we aim to have your device back to you as soon as physically possible!

Along with mobile phones, we work on many tablets, so we are well versed and savvy in this area too. A lot of what we offer for phones such as battery replacements, screen repairs, water damage and charging port repair we offer for tablets too!


Tablet Repair Services

  • Cracked Screens – This being our most common repair! When you have a cracked or broken screen not only will you not be able to see a picture of a loved one, but you may get a glass splinter due to the glass on the device being broken, once fixed you can always add another layer of protection by installing a screen protector (starting from £10) to take the day to day knocks. We only use high quality parts to get your tablet looking brand new and working perfectly once again
    Prices start from £55

  • Charging Ports – Using third party chargers, the wrong amperage or just general wear and tear after a while can damage your charging port or its electronics. We can repair these for you! It's amazing what you can find in a charging port. Also, it's important to ensure your device is charging correctly as it's the only lifeline your equipment has to stay alive. Should it be faulty, this can cause further internal damage to your gadget.
    Prices start from £45

  • Battery Replacement – As our devices get old or of a certain age, their batteries can degrade, which can cause multiple errors/faults with your tablet.  With a new battery you can enjoy many more hours with your beloved device.
    Prices start from £40

  • Liquid Damage – We have specialist ultrasonic equipment to aid the repair liquid damaged devices. The fluid that's in our ultrasonic cleaner repels the water minimising and damage that could be caused by liquid that may have entered your device. One thing we would strongly advise is getting it to us as soon as possible once any liquid has been in contact with you machine and in most instances, we can bring them back to working order. 
    Prices start from £50

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